People imagine that looking at modern day “winners” who are your successfully invested upon companies that sold out high to a potential takeover, took the money and then splurged it away even faster than they got it.

Or Look at a Modern day sportsperson who just made Wimbledon number One and who suddenly sprang from nowhere to somewhere. Somewhere Big.

Where am I? You perhaps wonder.

You compare yourself with others. Unwittingly you belittle yourself. Whatever your smallest victories you don’t think its compare worthy. In short you are not good enough.

Don’t be fooled.

Because that Gosh Look at these Succesful People is just an Image that is put on by someone who told them they’d be offered a zillion dollars to appear in some publicity. They took a golf game, for example – Got some golfers and then put them in front of a world audience and then said see – how a small town / unheard of place can be put on the world golfing event and how we can have instead of a few people – but a million people watching – the world watching.

The Golfers were just playing their game.

Most of them didn’t have world class trainers. Or were rich. Or were mentored by angels or anything. Or in fact didn’t even have a decent education.

They just played their game.

Aren’t we all doing that very same thing? You are that fabulous coder that your co cannot live without. You are that security supervisor in an airport. Without your go ahead a pilot cannot board a passenger.  You are the doorman in a hotel and bowing down at those that seem to be better than you. You are that Priest in a temple in rural India. You just being there to continue a lineage.  You are that secretary that manages a very busy executive. S/he is sane because you are competent to manage his time.

You are all just doing the same thing. Being the best version of yourself everyday.

If you are a tight salaried family living to a budget you know how to plan your money. If you could do that – put your kids through college, look after them and others in your family. You don’t need a Financial Planner in the real sense of the word to manage your money.

But you think they are Smart People!

Your education matters. Don’t belittle it seeing a 10th standard drop out become a National Champion. Somewhere in the distant future either he will decently complete his education or will buy himself an honorary title – because you got the education which no amount of money can really buy. Or nothing can kill it.

Pride yourself in what you are doing. Don’t compare yourself with anyone. There’s only one you and you are reading this post.

Take a look at YouTube and look at all the people across the world – not these golfers or tennis players or nothing like that – but look at people who are great cooks because of their passion, look at that bread maker in Iraq and you will wonder how many trained bakers can twirl bread like that in the air. Or look at that street food guy in Chennai making these fabulous dosa’s. Do you think he compares himself to Chef Ramsey?

No. They go in there every day and recreate their magic – day in and day out.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you aint good.

Because You are Precious.