For the millions of people who form this community that’s called LinkedIn, depression, feeling down, not wanting to have anything more to do with life etc are all so familiar topics. There’s not a day that goes by when one doesn’t get to read something about such matters.

Some are empathetic. Some are – Life’s tough, you gotta deal with shit sometimes. Some are – What’s the big deal? Been there myself!

For me the most important thing is to be sensitive. You don’t know when someone will choose you to “download” the Devil that’s closest to plaguing their souls on you. You aren’t chosen because you’re most qualified to handle their woes. You aren’t chosen because you are a pillow for the miserable to shed their tears.

In the transactions that’s rife between people, in the blossoming of those exchanges, in the language of the smiles between us and in the questioning glances that our eyes cast with each other there forms a friendship quietly sometimes unbeknown to even our souls, let alone to each other.

In those quiet moments grows a trusting bond that even the long miles that are the distances between our geographies, or even the lack of physical presence cannot explain – there’s a till then undefined purpose for the meeting.

Take your friendships seriously. Look for the simple Signs of emotional disturbance. The angst that’s visible. Did you catch the worry in that voice? Did you see the fear in those eyes as they furtively glanced from here to there? Did you hear the sadness in that voice? You can – if you are really present in just a casual catch up over coffee. But you miss it because sure you did say less catch up, but you didn’t say you’ll be glued to your phone and you’ll keep nodding your head ‘listening’ to your friend speak. Because you are this multi-tasking expert. Go ahead, I’m listening, I just have to answer this incessant Boss of mine!

Or in the many casual carelessness’s that we’ve committed when we failed to either listen, or when we were too busy to give time.

You don’t need to be anything special. You just need to be someone’s friend to earn their trust.

Just be there when they need you.

Go ahead Reach out and Be That Rock for someone who needs you in that moment. By John Legend from the Original by Simon & Garfunkle