I’m quite in wonder of the percentage of successful people whose numbers have grown substantially here on #linkedin

Just been recognised

Just got a Certificate

Just got A Degree

Just been promoted

On the other hand

I see very few posts of companies becoming more humane, #managers being more human, #leaders becoming role models and #transformation at the work place that leads to Personal #life Transformation and indeed Societal transformation.

Post the #pandemic the rat race has clearly begun. You see it with the traffic snarls, you see it with the number of patients going to doctors with an “I can’t put a finger on it” ailment / syndrome. The doctor of course calls it stress. That’s pretty convenient to park under because no one really knows what causes stress or where it is located!

You see it everywhere. Even the hatred that’s spewed out against establishments, those we don’t agree with and I wonder.

For what purpose?

I lost a few friends to #covid and they didn’t even see it coming. That curved ball called death? Like you and I they had plans. Spend time with family. Relax. Enjoy. Laugh. Cook. Graduate to becoming a friend to spouse and kids.


Gone up in cemetery ashes. Now just a photo on the wall.

What’s left?

A random message on someone’s phone.

A faint memory of a colleague, a friend that’s pushed back as every new day brings it’s own pressures into play.

Or A LinkedIn account that’s the only thing that’s not been updated – Current Post – Dead!!

Mulling over that a friend sent me this forward

And I guess most of the Tom tomming here or wherever else is just that.

How we decipher what’s happening to us.

Take it easy. You have got just this moment.