I have been following Tom Morris for a while now here on #Linkedin and I have been fascinated by his inherent wisdom, his humility and above all the kind of influencer he is without even trying.

In a world that is full of people making up a persona that they aren’t – Tom is a refreshing change – where he comes good on his own “This is me Dude” Persona.

That’s not easy to do. Try being your own self for a day in the office and you’ll have a dozen people telling you that it ain’t done! Tom not only stands eons apart from the rest of the crowd – but he also comes up with something that is not easily digested in the modern era – Intuitive Wisdom.

I was gobsmacked when he told me that he was “downloading” an intelligence that allowed him to ‘see’ the whole story series that he wrote starting with his Oasis Within.

We didn’t connect today with that Oh! Great to have connected with you Bobby or Great to have connected with you Tom usual one liner. It was a soul connect of the highest order. I knew that I was meeting an old friend for the first time in this lifetime. Tom and I have met before. Except I don’t remember from which Oasis that he’d stopped to quench his intuitive thirst and where my caravan had stopped too to pick up somewisdom and a map that would lead me beyond that now, back then – so long ago.

For any of those here looking for true #wisdom, true #leadership and if you want a map maker especially if you are lost in the desert of all that confusion that modern living and #challenges can throw at you

Reach out to Tom Morris

One of the finest examples of a modern day Philosopher that I have had the pleasure to come across ever in my life and a fine gentleman too!

They don’t make many like you Tom.

Here’s to Frienship and To Longer Conversations in the near future.

P.S. Tom – I couldnt help capture the moment. Apologies if I didn’t say cheese!