I got this from someone this morning asking me what my thoughts were on this.

A Tiny #Thought

One of the best ways to improve #performance is to change where you start.

You don’t necessarily need to start at the bottom of the mountain to get to the top. You can learn from the people who came before you.

Standing on the shoulders of the people who have done what you want to do changes your starting position. You’ve unconsciously done this all your life. Consider how you learned calculus in school. Isaac Newton climbed the calculus mountain years ago. And while you might never reach the summit, you’re certainly not trying to work out everything for yourself. Learning from his work allows you to st #work art halfway up the mountain.

There is a wrinkle worth pointing out. Most of what you learn in school changes slowly. However, in the real world, a lot of what you need to know to get ahead changes quickly. And that means finding someone with a lot of experience and learning from them isn’t the best approach.

#experience can be deceiving. When I worked at the three-letter-intelligence agency, I had a mentor who was 25 years older than me. While it was well-intentioned, the specific advice he offered me to get ahead wasn’t relevant anymore. It worked for him 25 years ago, but the environment had changed too much. However, his general #advice was spot on.

When starting a new job, find the person that just got promoted from the role you got hired into and ask them for specific advice. The word specific is important. These are the tools, the #techniques , the #skills that worked in the same situation you’re coming into. If you talk to someone who climbed the mountain a long time ago, odds are the specific advice isn’t as relevant as things have changed.

You control your starting position more than you think. For specific advice, find someone a step or two ahead of you. For general advice, find someone older who can put things in perspective.

My response:-

This is a good piece if you want a #conventional#life, a conventional #career#growth and a conventional / predictable end to a carefully thought out plan.

I don’t suggest this for anyone who wants to materialize / #Manifest in this life time – Real Growth!

What’s needed is to realize the gifts that one is possessed of – trust me – each of us have unique gifts

What’s needed is to develop ( #development is a slow #process . It takes faith, it takes a step a day approach and it takes complete involvement) that gift.

That can only happen when you have started to move from #intellectual thinking to #intuitive thinking. You move from thought to flow. You must progress from I think too I feel.

That’s when you come up with #Eureka moments. Those are the moments that will Move You Forward.

That’s when you are in a Flow State and you come up with “out of the world” or “out of the box” ideas.

Thus – my oft repeated one liner is…

Delve Within #Discover Self