Kathayil Alpam Karyam / കഥയിൽ അല്പം കാര്യം

Lock on Bridge Thumski

In all my travels, the countless stories that tour guides narrate have led me to see, hear, listen and mull over what has been, in the times before I stepped there. This is one such story that spoke tome from a land that was torn apart, not just once but many times. It was a story that touched me so deeply that it urged me to give it a voice. That story is set in the backdrop of a time when peace in the world was shattered in what seemed a hopeless and unending war. A time when insanity ruled, when man proved how little it took to unleash the animal within, to inflict unbelievable cruelty on his fellow man.

All of this is well documented in history, so my endeavour here is not to rehash the facts, but, inspired by hundreds of such real-life instances, I aim to capture the emotional and psychological trauma of one couple separated by the war. This is also the story of an exodus that took place when these Europeans fled in their hundreds of thousands to the warmth of Asia, from the harsh frozen expanse of Siberia where they were held captive, humiliated, tortured and made to work like the slaves of some long-lost Roman kingdom. But this happened in the twentieth century, a supposedly civilised time.Yet this book is not a mere reflection of historical events and facts, even though it pertains to incidents and people set in that era. I have taken some liberties with Time to unveil this story. Today we remember people who have travelled through the ages. Today, as we look back, amazed, at some of these journeys stranger than fiction, we find no words to say. This book is the course of one such journey.

The Angel of God

A story that cuts across age, geographies and generations, the Angel Of God revolves around Moosa Bhai, a don, and several other Charectors Who seamlessly shashay in and out of a strange sequence of events, bringing out the best and the worst in each other. More than just the story line (Which cannot be categorised as crime, romance or drama), this book subtly brings to light the different kinds of people and situations one encounters in life-people who wear masks of decency to get along, the once who come into your life and touch you and events that change your life forever...

Me, a Winner

Me, a Winner is about discovering that life is not just about education and a job and a means to an end. It explores the tremendous possibilities that lie parked just beyond the hope of dreams on the horizon beyond and teaches gently how to reel in those hopes within touching distance. The wonderful aspects of the journey within enable a ‘Can I get there with this formula’ thought as much as the determination to get there and win.

Me, a Winner is about perfectly ordinary people who are blessed with extraordinary qualities that await the right touch – of spirituality – to come alive and succeed.

Brand Wise

Brand-wise is all about creating a brand of an organisation to attract talent. Therefore, companies need to become beacons of brands that attract talent. It is this talent that will drive efficiency and enhance bottom lines so that some of the profitability can be used to sustain the ‘re-engineering tactics’ of seeking alternate talent. The brand of an organisation has to be constructed carefully. It has to be built with passion, love, honesty and complete caring. It needs tremendous leadership and exemplary vision; it needs visionary zeal and courage. It needs courage, for these are not things that are done ordinarily; it needs the courage to think of the larger well being of a country. This book addresses these aspects and states in no uncertain terms why it is important to achieve the said standards and destinations.

The Power Of Human Relations

This book is the distilled Bible for efficient growth and a sure-shot route map for profitability. It is about utilizing the asset that many companies do not use effectively. It is about utilizing the human resources. It is about effective management and greater leadership.

The book is meant to kick-start organizational introspection in order to spur unprecedented growth. It is about creating heroes in organizations. It is about letting the people in an organization know that the organization cares about their contributions and their growth.

This book is also a handbook for those who want to step over the threshold of managing people through what is commonly known as Human Resources. It is about getting people to win so that organizations win. This book is about best human practices. It is about showing caring, when it matters most. It is about quality. It is about being all of these and more-efficiently, spontaneously, and collectively.